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Frequently Asked Questions

It can be extremely daunting choosing a care service that’s right for you. As such, we aim to make the process a little easier by answering some questions you may have. If there is anything you’re still not sure of, please don’t hesitate to contact us and we will do our best to put your mind at ease.

frequently asked questions

What can I expect from a domiciliary care service?
At Help at Home Care, the most important component is the individual. Our priority is to ensure our care packages are person-centric and each and every package is tailored around the individual to ensure we meet your needs, requirements and expectations. One of our Key Workers will visit you in your home to determine those needs, requirements and expectations and a Home Care Assistant will then be matched to you in order to assist, advise and promote your wellbeing based on your personalised care package.

Which services do you offer?
We offer a range of care services, depending on your needs and requirements. Whether you need assistance for one hour per day to assist you with a particular task, or you require assistance on a continual basis for 24 hours per day, or anything inbetween, we are able to cater to your needs. We offer a personal care service to assist you with any of your everyday care needs such as getting washed and dressed as well as more specialist services such as condition-focused care and palliative care where our expertly trained Home Care Assistants seek to ensure your individual requirements and wellbeing is an absolute priority. Should you require assistance using the telephone, carrying out gardening or administrative duties or doing the weekly shop, whatever your needs, there is no job too big or too small. Please see our Services tab on our website for more information.

What will my Home Care Assistant do for me?
Once your individual care package is in place, your requirements are prioritised and adhered to by our Home Care Assistants. These requirements are discussed between yourself and one of our Key Workers upon initial visit you to your home to ascertain your needs. Our aim is to promote your independence and assist you in carrying out any day-to-day tasks and activities you may find difficult, whether in part or in their entirity. Should your requirements change at any time, please contact us to amend your care package. Where a member of our care team is unfamiliar to you, we will endeavor to forewarn you of the changes to your Home Care Assistant.

Do you cover any areas outside North Tyneside?
At present, our care service is provided to those who reside within North Tyneside area. We aim to expand our geographical location within the near future. Should you have any queries about whether we cover your area, please do not hesitate to get in touch.

How will I know if my Home Care Assistant is of good character?
All of our Home Care Assistants are put through a stringent recruitment process whereby reference checks and criminal record checks are carried out before the commencement of employment and periodicially throughout the term of their employment. We are selective over the care staff who are offered the chance to join our team. Only those who encompass good character, hold strong moral values and guidelines and who express an apparent and obvious warmth and level of compassion are selected to join our team. Our team will always be respectful of your privacy, dignity and indepdendence throughout the service at all times. We encourage feedback from our service users where there are any issues regarding the standard of care received.

What if my Home Care Assistant isn’t available?
We endeavour to ensure familiarity between yourself and the Home Care Assistant(s) who visit you in your home. Although we try to ensure care is provided from members of our team who are familiar to you and know you are your needs well, due to periods of illness, absence or planned annual holidays, we may occasionally, from time to time, arrange for an alternative member of our team to visit you.

I only require 1 hour of assistance per week, is there a package available for me?
Yes. We can make arrangements to visit you for 1 hour per week, if that’s all that is required.

Is it possible to sign up to the service temporarily?
Whether you require care on a long or short term basis, for as few or as many hours as you require, there is a package to suit you. Maybe you’ve had an operation and need some assistance upon returning home from hospital, whatever the reason, we’ll be able to assist you with your day-to-day tasks, whilst allowing you to recover in your own home, at your own speed.

Will your staff carry means of identification?
Every member of the Help at Home Care team should carry and produce photographic identification upon visiting your home. Should they fail to produce this, entry should be refused where the person is not familiar to you.

Are there means of safeguarding in place?
Safeguarding is of extremely high priority to our team at Help at Home Care. We have a stringent Safeguarding Policy & Procedure in place to ensure that any safeguarding concerns with regards to the immediate safety or wellbeing of our service users is dealt with as a matter of priority. We also ensure a duty of care and moral responsibility with regards to any safeguarding concerns identified, which are linked to, but do not directly involve our service user. All of our team are trained regularly on the issues surrounding safeguarding.

What happens when the office is closed / bank holidays / Christmas Day?
Our care team are available 365 days per year, even when the office is closed. Your care package will not be affected by bank holidays.

Will my care service always be provided by the same person?
We try to maintain familiarity and continuity throughout the service wherever possible. However, there may be occasions, due to sickness or annual leave, where your care service may be carried out by alternative members of the team.

I need someone who can help me with my medication, are there people trained to do this?
All members of the our team are appropriately trained with regards to your care. Where you require specialist care, those members of the team who are specifically trained and qualified for the specialism required will be assigned to your care.

What training do the Home Care Assistants undertake before being assigned to me?
As a minimum, all members of our care team must complete mandatory training in the following areas as part of the Care Certificate: - understanding their role; your personal development; duty of care; equality and diversity; working in a person centered way; moving & handling; communication; privacy and dignity; fluids and nutrition; awareness of mental health, dementia and learning disabilities; safeguarding adults; safeguarding children; basic life support; health and safety; handling information and infection prevention and control. In addition, all staff will be First Aid trained and undertake training in Medication. We continuously promote and encourage continued professional development together with periodic refresher training throughout all areas of the care role, particularly with regard to areas of specialist care.

I have special deitary requirements, will this be catered for?
Yes. One of our Key Workers will discuss with you your likes and dislikes, preferences and any allergies or dietary requirements at the commencement of your care plan.

How do I find out if funding available for my care?
Currently in England, if you have income and savings of more than £23,250.00, you’ll usually have to pay for your own care. However, you should still contact your Local Authority as you have a right to a care needs assessment to establish your eligibility for funding. Please see our funding section for more information.

Who do I pay for my care and when?
If you pay for the care service privately, payment is taken in arrears on a monthly basis. Payment should be made directly to the service provider.

I am interested in seeking employment in the care sector, are there vacancies within your company?
We are always looking to build and strengthen our existing team, our combined level of knowledge and specialist expertise. Please see our Jobs page for our current vacancies.

What if I’m not happy with the service?
We welcome and encourage feedback within all aspects of the service we provide. We use this feedback to ensure we are able to continuously improve the service. Your Key Worker will discuss the ways in which you are able to supply feedback or make a complaint during your initial assessment.

Can I make changes to the care package?
You can make changes to your care package at any time. We understand that circumstances change and we will do everything we can to adapt to your requirements, at any time, throughout the package.

How do I contact the service provider?
All relevant contact information is provided at the commencement of your service and we welcome any contact you wish to make. You are welcome to contact us by phone, text, email, letter or by filling in an online contact form.

How much notice do I have to give to cancel the service?
You can cancel the service at any time with four weeks notice.

To arrange a visit from one of our friendly team members or to discuss the options of personal care available to you, please do not hesitate to give us a call…

0800 865 4240

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