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As technology evolves, it can sometimes seem very daunting to deal with what may have previously been simple day-to-day administration and communication tasks. Simply paying a bill, or booking an appointment can prove difficult. We understand these challenges and we offer our administration support service to assist you with this.

There could be many reasons why you require assistance, maybe your hearing has deteriorated, you find technology difficult to use or someone else used to perform these tasks. Whatever the reason, please do not hesitate to contact us where you require some assistance.

Whether you require assistance with making phone calls, making online payments, assistance with email and online services, booking a holiday, writing a letter or dealing with paperwork and filing, our team of efficient and competent Home Care Assistants are available to assist you and deal with any administration or communication issues you have.

Our team always ensure discretion and your personal privacy is our priority within this service.

To arrange a visit from one of our friendly team members or to discuss the options of personal care available to you, please do not hesitate to give us a call…

0800 865 4240

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