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Loneliness can have a significant effect on our mental health and well-being. Research has shown it can increase the likelihood of developing various health conditions such as depression, dementia, heart disease and diabetes.

People often find themselves isolated and without any companionship for days or weeks at a time. This could be for many reasons such as geographical separation from family or friends, lack of mobility and therefore inability to leave the house, or the loss of a loved one.

Our focus is to provide emotional support to you when you need it. At the commencement of your personal care service, it is imperative that we ‘get to know you’. We will seek to find out about your hobbies and interests, your favourite landmark or seaside town, or even where you go to grab your favourite slice of cake.

One of our dedicated team members will then be matched to you, based on your personal needs and interests. Whether you fancy a cup of tea and a chat, a walk in the park or a trip to the local garden centre, a member of our team will be by your side, to provide companionship and support along the way, as you require.

We believe it is imperative to do our best to enrich the lives of people living within the community. As such, we aim to provide a support network for like-minded individuals to come together at local events. We will provide full information in relation to all upcoming events you may be interested in, and any information in relation to third party events in the community.

We offer our services 24 hours per day, 365 days per year, from as little as 1 hour per week.

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To arrange a visit from one of our friendly team members or to discuss the options of personal care available to you, please do not hesitate to give us a call…

0800 865 4240


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