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The Cost of Care

When it comes to the cost of care, it is vital that you are able to quickly determine whether or not you are eligible for funding from your Local Authority for your day-to-day care and support, whether you are eligible for partial funding, or whether you must pay the full cost yourself. It is important to do this at the start so that you are aware of your rights and entitlements before commencing the care package.

We know the options around funding can be daunting to begin with and sometimes appear complex. As such, we aim to provide clear, concise information about what you can expect throughout the funding process.

Contact information for those involved with the funding process has been listed below. Key contacts can offer full and thorough information, advice and support throughout the process. Please do not hesitate to reach out should you require assistance.

social care funding options

Funding Options

It goes without saying, most people would prefer to remain in their own homes where they feel comfortable and surrounded by the things they know and love. If you find you need support at home, you may qualify for help to fund your care. The Local Authority are able to assist with transport, carers and support, meals, any modifications to your home to make life easier and any equipment you require to help with day-to-day activities. If you qualify for funding, the level of funding you qualify for will depend on how much you can afford to pay yourself i.e. the value of your income, savings or assets and is also dependent on your care needs.

The savings threshold for 2018/2019 in England is £23,250. This means that if you have income or savings over this amount, it is unlikely you will qualify for funding.

Care Needs Assessment

If you think you may qualify, you will need to have a care needs assessment to establish your eligibility. You should contact your Local Authority to arrange this. The Care Needs Assessment is free of charge and you have a legal right to it. As part of the Assessment, your Local Authority will identify your care needs and check that they meet a nationally agreed set of criteria. If you qualify, they have a legal duty to provide or arrange the services you need.

If you reside in North Tyneside, your Local Authority is North Tyneside Council.

Financial Assessment

If you qualify for help and support under the Care Needs Assessment, the Local Authority will then carry out a Financial Assessment. This is also called a ‘means test’. It works out how much funding you may be entitled to and how much you should pay towards the cost of your own care. For more information in relation to how this is calculated, you can visit the Money Advice Service website: - Money Advice Service Website


The financial assessment will then determine one of the following outcomes: -

  • The Local Authority will agree to meet the full cost of your assessed care needs;
  • The Local Authority will agree to meet some of the cost of your assessed care needs;
  • Any care must be self-funded (you are not entitled to funding and you must cover the full costs of your care yourself).

What Happens Next?

If the Local Authority accepts your claim for funding, they may also be able to assist you in arranging the care you require, or if you’d prefer to arrange the care yourself, giving you more choice, freedom and independence, you can. If the Local Authority refuse your claim for funding, they should give full information on how and why they came to that decision. In the event that you disagree with their findings, you may challenge the decision. Details of how to challenge the decision will be enclosed with the decision from the Local Authority.

If you have a disability or complex medical condition that means you have healthcare needs rather than social care needs, you might qualify for NHS funding.

Don’t Require Financial Assistance?

See your options for Self-funding within Our Costs section

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“Not everyone will be able to have the cost of their care and support needs met by North Tyneside Council, but you will always be given help to understand your choices, know what support is available and help to plan your care.”

~ North Tyneside Council

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